Speedy Force.com Documentation Search in Chrome

Google Chrome has a great feature for customising your searches from the “omnibox” (URL/search box) which you can use to speed up your searches of the Force.com developer documentation. In Chrome, go to Settings and click on “Manage search engines…” 2013-10-20-chrome-search-1 In the “Other search engines section” add a new search engine. Mine is called “Force.com Dev Docs”. For the keyword, keep it short, a single key is good – I use the § character, which is just above the tab key on my Mac keyboard. For the URL use:

https://www.google.com/search?q=site:developer.salesforce.com/docs/ %s

We will be using Google site search for the Force.com developer docs site. 2013-10-20-chrome-search-2 Click done and close your settings. To use the search engine, click in the “omnibox”, type your keyword followed by the tab key, then provide your search criteria and hit enter.

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2 Responses to Speedy Force.com Documentation Search in Chrome

  1. Very nice! I set up keywords for apex and visualforce docs as well. Saves a huge amount of time waiting for the in-help search to load when you’re pulling up the docs many times a day.


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