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One controller to rule them all…

I recently wanted to create an extension controller for a custom object which I could use with both single records and a set of records. In other words, a list and detail controller extension, with actions that could be applied to one or many records. I … Continue reading

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Dynamic Field Sets

One of the things I love about Force.com is how easy it can be to stitch together blocks of functionality provided in the platform, saving you development effort. Spending a little extra time working out how to best use platform … Continue reading

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Recently I was working on a prototype Force.com application for which I anticipated heavy use of Salesforce Approvals Processes. When testing my prototype, I found the record locking system with Approvals fell short of what I wanted – I needed … Continue reading

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Apex Method of the Day – addFields

public class MyControllerExtn { public MyControllerExtn(ApexPages.StandardController c) { // include fields not referenced on the Visualforce page c.addFields(new List<String>{‘Foo__c’,’Bar__c’,’Force__c’}); } } Force.com Apex Code Developer’s Guide – StandardController Class Original Tweet

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